Your Electrician

Lintronics Electrical is the creation by a man who saw a need for highly skilled electrical work.  Bob Lindstrom made Lintronics Electrical a reality in 2000 but only after years of skilled learning.  Bob started learning about mechanics back in high school by learning the intricacies of automotive engines.  Although this work challenged Bob, at the time, he was more interested in learning to be a Registered Nurse.  In 1982, Bob started to attend the California State University at San Jose to further learn nursing.  Needing to find a way to pay for his schooling, Bob decided to work for his brother who was a local contractor in Alameda County.  Bob very much enjoyed working for his brother and the money was enough to pay for his schooling in nursing.  While on the job, Bob noticed that it was hard for his brother to find good electrical contractors to assist on the various projects.  So in addition to learning nursing, Bob took it upon himself to learn the mechanics of electricity.  Bob became very good at electrical work and was soon entrusted to handle some of his brother's toughest projects.  His work became known and was soon referred to do some freelance work.  This continued after Bob had graduated SJSU until Bob's brother passed away in 1991.  At that point, the construction company closed and Bob moved to Paradise, California where he started working for Feather River Hospital.  After a few years working within his formal field of study, Bob decided that nursing might not be his passion after all.  In, 1995, Bob started working as a journeyman for Chico Electric.  In 1999, Bob took the California State Licensing Board test and passed with flying colors.  Bob's CSLB license number is 815847.  In 2000, Lintronics Electrical became open for business.  Business was good and many people within Butte County benefited from his work.  Then the recession of 2008 hit.  The recession was very hard on many private contractors and Bob was no exception.  In 2010, Bob was forced to close his doors.  Watching the economy turnaround, Bob saw an opportunity to reopen Lintronics Electrical and did so in 2015.  

Today, Lintronics Electrical is going strong.  Because of the perfectionist attitude that Bob takes to any project, his clients are very satisfied and they highly recommend him.  Other contractors who look at Bob's completed projects generally say it is some of the best work they have ever seen.  Do you have an electrical project or problem that needs a highly skilled professional to handle it, look no further than Bob Lindstrom and Lintronics Electrical.  It will be one of the best decisions you ever made.